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Please visit for current website and information.

  • Before you reach the front of the line*:
    • Make sure your whole group is here and ready to go
    • Everyone has used the restrooms (they’re behind the life jackets)
    • Paid for parking
    • Stowed things in the car if needed
    • Applied sunscreen
    • Changed clothes if needed
    • Finished any phone calls. When you get to the counter and start the sign up process, we need your full attention.

*Getting ready, helps the line move quickly. If you’re group isn’t here or ready by the time you get to the front, have one person save your place at the front of the line and send us the group behind you until you’re ready to go.

  1. When you reach the front of the line, we’ll call you up to the Sign-Up Counter
    • We sign people up in groups of 4-5 people at a time. If you have a larger group.
    • We hold onto one state issued ID per group of kayakers and one ID per paddle boarder (We’ll hold onto the ID’s while you’re gone)
    • We’ll ask what direction you’d like to paddle
    • Each adult paddler will sign our insurance form
    • You’re time starts when you sign up (we build in 10 minutes to get you on and off the water)
  1. Next we’ll get you life jackets.
  1. Then we’ll send you down to the dock where we’ll help you into your equipment. We’ll give you some instructions and safety information before you leave the dock.
  2. When you return, make sure you put your mask back on. We’ll be on the dock to help you get out of your equipment. You’ll leave your gear in the big metal bin at the end of the ramp and you’ll meet us inside to check out.
  3. When your rental is paid for you’ll receive your ID.
    • Rentals are a one hour minimum. Every 10 minutes is pro-rated after the first hour.

Please see our FAQ page for commonly asked questions and our RATES page for pricing and specials.

The Details

  • There is a one-hour minimum for rentals.
  • After the first hour, our rental rates are pro-rated in ten minute increments.
  • Kayak rentals include all necessary equipment. Due to insurance requirements, we do not rent equipment to individuals not renting boats.
  • Paddlers must be 18 years of age or older to rent a kayak or paddle board. Children 17 and under must paddle in the front of a double kayak.
  • Sorry, no animals on equipment, left at the shop, or on the premises.
  • Kayaks must be launched from and returned to our docks. One launch, one land per rental.
  • No alcohol allowed on our docks or equipment.
  • Renters are responsible for full replacement value of any equipment damaged or lost.
  • NO takeaway or overnight rentals. Our FAQ page has additional information.
  • The Paddle Club may close due to weather or business conditions. Our last rental departs 1 hour prior to closing. Closing hours vary throughout the season. Visit our Hours page or call the Paddle Club for current hours of operation.